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From a small workshop in the U.K, Rally Raid Products formed in early 2011 after a small range of KTM 690 accessories produced for the up-coming Tuareg Rally caught the attention of other riders.


With over 40 years of engineering and competitive Enduro experience, John Mitchinson (MD) is no stranger to bike modification. However it was the release of the KTM 690 back in 2008, alongside John's growing fascination for competitive Rally riding that brought Rally Raid Products to life.

The KTM 690 was to become the bike of choice for many other adventure and rally riders, and with the help of a small team John's own Rally bike modifications soon caught the eye of others at a number of events worldwide. The demand for these early KTM 690 accessories grew rapidly, allowing us to develop a wider range of products, including the EVO1 & EVO 2 auxiliary fuel tanks we are known for today. 

By 2014 Rally Raid Products had established itself within the Adventure and Rally market, branching out into new areas of development. As the adventure market grew, we saw the need for an adventure bike that was more manageable in its size, weight and design. It was not long before the somewhat road orientated CB500X was put under the knife, to become a truly capable adventure machine that attracted both experienced and new adventure riders worldwide. (add jenny morgan)

The CB500X Adventure project underwent months of hard development from all members of the Rally Raid Products team, working with top quality brands to ensure the finished product had an OEM finish quality. Alongside this ongoing development, John proved the concept of the project by crossing the Simpson Desert (Aus) using the CB500X Adventure. Followed by Jenny Morgan (Brand Ambassador) completing the Trans American Trail the same year aboard her Rally Raid Products built Honda.



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